What Is A Panelized Home?

There are several different types of “pre-fabricated” homes. One popular type of construction is called a “panelized home” or “open-wall package”. 

Building a new home “stick by stick” is often not the most efficient building method.  Increasingly, homes are being built using a “panelized building system” – a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials, and a controlled work environment – to build wall panels and other components to construct an energy-efficient and durable home in less time.

There are three major components delivered to the job site:  engineered floor system, interior & exterior walls and the roof trusses. If the home has a concrete foundation, it is installed prior to the delivery of the framing package.

Today’s panelized home building systems retain the best aspects of “stick” frame construction.  They combine time-tested building methods with modern technology to deliver customized, energy efficient, beautiful new homes.


Benefits of a Panelized Home


Flexible Design

  • Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional design, contemporary or rustic feel, a home can be designed to fit your needs and budget with endless options to customize your home.
  • With computer-assisted design (CAD) programs, designers can turn just about any idea into a working blueprint.  The plans for your home can be sent directly from a designer’s computer to the shop floor, ensuring your home is built accurately and efficiently.

Saves Time, Saves Money

  • Your new home’s panels can be designed and fabricated in a manufacturing facility a few days before being shipped to your home site.
  • Once on site, the shell of a panelized home can be framed and made weather-tight in a matter of days, reducing labor expenses.
  • Delays because of weather, material delivery, and subcontractor schedules – often unavoidable in stick-built construction – are much less of a problem with a panelized home, because the construction is substantially completed in a controlled factory environment.  Thus reducing time and costs to you.

Quality Construction

  • Each worker in a panelized facility has been trained to do a particular job and is an expert in that specialized aspect of home construction, resulting in higher quality and more consistency.
  • State-of-the art machines produce panels that are built to the highest standard, ensuring your home is built precisely square and dimensionally correct.
  • Your home’s plans are built to meet your local building codes before they leave the facility, even if your area requires special features to compensate for high winds, excessive snow loads and other considerations.

For more information on Panelized Homes, go to the National Association of Homebuilders website:  www.NAHB.org/panel